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9918Re: [Hammock Camping] new intro with a few questions

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  • RedsTanMenagerie@aol.com
    Aug 2, 2005
      >Way to go, Melissa! I don't have much backpacking experienc, but have a
      lot of >camping and budget purchasing skills!!
      Hehehe budgeting is grand fun if ya do it right, i view it as an "extream
      sport" in this house haha. Luckly it is just my son, my critters, and me or it
      would get even more complicated! Whats kinda funny is that i have very
      little "camping" skills. Don't think i've ever done car / base camp type
      camping. I just carry my "campsite" on my back, err well now the goats back haha.

      >I have just finished watching three of Lynne Whelen's videos ( 5 Million
      Steps, Amazing >Grace, and the one about Lightweight Backpacking - cost $65 for
      all three so that is not a >budget item!). But oh so worth it...and I will
      watch them over and over.

      >Amazing Grace is about Bill Irwin the blind man (he could "see" light but
      the vision was >white/blue/green dots) who thru-hiked the AT with his guide
      dog, and in 5 Million Steps one >of the guys had MS and hiked with crutches.
      So I reckon that I, with my arthritic aches, >pains, and limp, should be able
      to do a bit of hiking.

      Wow that sounds sooo cool! Bet the library would have copies, i'll check it
      out. I still walk but one of my problems is a joint disease. All my
      connective tissue is to loose and my body likes to fall apart at the worst possible
      times leading to great campfire stories ;) Aches, creaks, and pops make a
      hike more interesting any day haha. I have come up with lots of different
      options to help and am MORE THEN HAPPY to pass along any ideas that have helped
      me if your interested. Thow i can say by far the pack goat is the best of
      them all!!

      In my opinion a goat makes a better pack option then any other species.
      They are small enough to even bring in a car (if you potty train him) so no
      traliers even. An adverage pack goat can carry 60lbs of gear. There cross
      bucks are very light so most of your weight is in gear. You save even further
      because you don't have to normally pack in watter or feed for them. Dessert
      goats can go days without watter if nessesary so they can easally go all day
      drinking from the only avalable creek once that day. As far as feed they get
      all they nead with the ocational bite wile packing. They nead total (for my
      area) about 2 15 minite grazing periods easally done after camp is made.

      They are like deer, they have feet like deer so they don't erode the trails.
      They have poop just like deer so it does not soil the trails, in fact many
      hikers get excited to see it thinking they spotted deer poo haha. They don't
      trample vegitation like other pack animals. They also graze like deer
      taking a bite here and there never stripping an area of vegitation unless tied to
      one spot. Basically a goat is a great "leave no trace" pack alternitive.

      Well trained pck goats never nead to be tied they won't stray from camp and
      this leavesthen to spot eat to avoid dammage. Other animals can carry more
      weight but it is about the same amount of gear when you add up how much feed
      and watter you are packing for your animal. Pack goats rock ;)

      I had a Hennessy Hammock and did not like the bottom entry feature (gave it
      to a friend). I just bought the Byer's Moskito Traveller - that is $40 at
      Campmor - for $20 + S/H from www.ccoutdoorstore.com. If they have any left, I
      will be happy to donate one to you in the furtherance of your dream. (I got
      their answering machine and left a message. Please PM me at
      sandykayak@... with your info so I can place the order).

      Oh my goodness what a nice offer thank you Even if they don't have them
      thank you with the bottom of my heart!

      The netting is incorporated and has a side zipper...to use withoutthe net,
      you just flip the hammock over. 16 oz.

      Wow that's really lightweight!!! HAHA Most definatally!

      I spent some relaxing testing time with my two doggies. the 12-pounder
      likes the foot end and the 18-pounder likes to snuggle up and around my head. In
      a hammock, she will probably settle on or around my chest. Just how large
      and heavy is your dog? The hammock is "almost the size of a queen bed" and I
      think the max weight is 250 lbs.

      Ahh what a cute immage, Tao would crush my skull if he slept on my head
      haha! My dog is 27" (almost 28") and your adverage lab is 23" to 24". He is
      auchuly a Standard poodle and a very big one at that! right now he is only
      53lbs because he was attacked and nearly killed a few months ago by a Rotwieler
      and lost an increadable amount of weight. We come in together nicly under
      250lbs :)

      I bought from http://www.campmor.com Byer's Microrope (see previous
      discussions) for $14.99 plus S/H.

      I had originally planned to make a fly, but took the easy way out and bought
      the Hex Fly from www.hennessyhammock.com it was $59 + $10 S/H.

      I think i could easally design and sew a Tarp. My mother owns a flag sewing
      buisness so i can get free nylon from her and watter proof it and add
      gromits. I'll happily sew you one if you like?

      You would be sleeping diagonally and Tao could find a comfy spot. Since you
      are zippered in, falling out is not a concern. You unzip it, he hops out,
      and then you exit.

      HAHA that's my biggest fear i've taken a few tumbles in the little nylon
      mesh one here and it wasn't my fondest moment!

      I do hope you have or will start a webpage and we can keep track of your
      progress. Where do you live?

      I live in western washington (a hikers dream) and love it here!! I'd love
      to build a website of adventures so other people can get ideas to get back
      into the woods but i'm rather puter stupid haha. Getting on the net is about
      the max of my abilitys. Someday mabbee my friend can show me a little about
      it, they just moved back to vermont thow so it would be a good long wile.

      My big goal right now is "The Wonderland Trail". I plan to hike it year
      after next. It is a trail aroundthe entire Mt. Rainier and rated one of the
      best in the country. I am very excited about it. I plan to do it in one trip.
      Mabee after that i'll tackle a section of the Pacific Crest Trail, i could
      manage the whole thing if i did it in sections over a few years i think.

      I'll try to see if i can put a few pictures in the photo's section of the
      group. Thanks for all the help and info!!

      Melissa and Tao SD

      sandy in miami

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