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9914Re: [Hammock Camping] new intro with a few questions

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  • Sandy Kramer
    Aug 2, 2005
      Way to go, Melissa! I don't have much backpacking experienc, but have a lot of camping and budget purchasing skills!!

      I have just finished watching three of Lynne Whelen's videos ( 5 Million Steps, Amazing Grace, and the one about Lightweight Backpacking - cost $65 for all three so that is not a budget item!). But oh so worth it...and I will watch them over and over.

      Amazing Grace is about Bill Irwin the blind man (he could "see" light but the vision was white/blue/green dots) who thru-hiked the AT with his guide dog, and in 5 Million Steps one of the guys had MS and hiked with crutches. So I reckon that I, with my arthritic aches, pains, and limp, should be able to do a bit of hiking.

      I had a Hennessy Hammock and did not like the bottom entry feature (gave it to a friend). I just bought the Byer's Moskito Traveller - that is $40 at Campmor - for $20 + S/H from www.ccoutdoorstore.com. If they have any left, I will be happy to donate one to you in the furtherance of your dream. (I got their answering machine and left a message. Please PM me at sandykayak@... with your info so I can place the order).

      The netting is incorporated and has a side zipper...to use withoutthe net, you just flip the hammock over. 16 oz.

      I spent some relaxing testing time with my two doggies. the 12-pounder likes the foot end and the 18-pounder likes to snuggle up and around my head. In a hammock, she will probably settle on or around my chest. Just how large and heavy is your dog? The hammock is "almost the size of a queen bed" and I think the max weight is 250 lbs.

      I bought from http://www.campmor.com Byer's Microrope (see previous discussions) for $14.99 plus S/H.

      I had originally planned to make a fly, but took the easy way out and bought the Hex Fly from www.hennessyhammock.com it was $59 + $10 S/H.

      You would be sleeping diagonally and Tao could find a comfy spot. Since you are zippered in, falling out is not a concern. You unzip it, he hops out, and then you exit.

      I do hope you have or will start a webpage and we can keep track of your progress. Where do you live?

      sandy in miami

      RedsTanMenagerie@... wrote:
      Hi everybody, I just joined and thought I’d use my time to introduce myself
      and ask a few q’s.
      To start I’ll tell you a bit about me. I am a 25 female hiker that is
      disabled. As a child I hiked all over with my father and got introduced to back
      country hiking very young. I became disabled and stopped hiking for years.
      I am now getting back into it going ultra light. I am training a pack goat
      to help carry my gear (I can’t do over 20lbs) for hikes past day hiking. I
      also hike with my service dog. He helps me in hard spots and carries all his
      own food, water, and gear.
      My service dog is allowed in national forests ware pets aren’t due to the
      ADA and the fact that I am disabled. I will also be requesting a “reasonable
      accommodation” to allow my pack goat on hikes ware goats are not allowed
      under the ADA. Between my goat and dog I am able to get out in the woods again
      and it is so nice!
      I also have a 6 year old disabled son (in a wheelchair) and I am trying to
      build a “saddle” that will support him on my pack goat so he can do day hikes
      with me on non flat trails. My goat will be able to carry about 60lbs wile
      hiking. I am also trying to design a saddle for him so he can take my horse
      on our hikes but that will wait, as they are QUITE expensive. Between the
      goat and the horse my son will have hiking legs out in the woods.
      I stumbled onto the camping hammocks by accident. I got a cheapy nylon
      knot hammock used for free and I had been having trouble sleeping and decided to
      go sleep out in the hammock that night. The rest was amazing and the first
      thing that ran threw my mind was my god I bet I could sew one with a skeater
      net and take it camping instead. That led me to the web and the realization
      that I was a few years to late in my idea haha.
      I am most interested in the Hennessey Expedition asym with the snakeskins,
      and was wondering most of all if the bottom entrance will work for me. My
      pack goat just stays outside the tent so not an issue with him but my service
      dog beds down with me. The hammock here I have is a nylon knot/ mesh type
      (holes not solid). I easily thought him how to climb in it (top loading) and
      sleep at my feet. I sleep on my side and he sleeps curled up behind my knees.
      With out sleeping pattern will the Hennessey work? I am afraid it will be
      to much weight on that half of the hammock and he will fall threw the
      opening. We come in under the max weight load of course but will him sleeping what
      I am guessing over the opening be ok?? If so any ideas how to fix this? I
      am on a very tight disability pension so I am looking for low cost.
      Thank you all for your time and I look forward to reading more about this
      great tent alternative.

      Melissa and Tao

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