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9913Re: [Hammock Camping] new intro with a few questions

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  • Palefrei
    Aug 2 5:42 AM
      Hello Melissa,
      I've had my dog sleep in my Hennessy with me. I'm 5'9",
      214lb, he's a Golden Retreiver/Beagle mix, about 25lb.
      (Like a Midget Retreiver), and he is able to hop up in with
      me. He slept at my feet and at my belly (I sleep on my side
      in the hammock.

      just make sure claws are well trimmed, or get some of the
      doggie boots that hunters use in cold weather on thier
      dogs, to avoid damage to you, your bag, hammock and gear.

      --- RedsTanMenagerie@... wrote:

      > (holes not solid). I easily thought him how to climb in
      > it (top loading) and
      > sleep at my feet. I sleep on my side and he sleeps
      > curled up behind my knees.
      > With out sleeping pattern will the Hennessey work? I am
      > afraid it will be
      > to much weight on that half of the hammock and he will
      > fall threw the
      > opening. We come in under the max weight load of course
      > but will him sleeping what
      > I am guessing over the opening be ok?? If so any ideas
      > how to fix this? I
      > am on a very tight disability pension so I am looking
      > for low cost.
      > Thank you all for your time and I look forward to
      > reading more about this
      > great tent alternative.
      > Melissa and Tao
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