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9896Re: [Hammock Camping] hammock adjustment

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  • Sandy Kramer
    Aug 1, 2005
      errr...tube shape? tis not hollow but has a hole at each end to allow for rope adjustment

      slowhike <slowhike@...> wrote: sandy... you called the adjustment bar a "tube". is it hollow?
      looking at the photos, it appeared to be a solid "bar" of aluminum w/
      a hole in the center, which would be much stronger than a hollow tube
      w/ a hole in the center. it seams this would be an easy, quick way to
      adjust the sag in a hammock w/o untying the webbing from the tree. i
      may have to get one & experiment w/ a combonation of webbing (tree
      end) & rope (hammock end). thanks...slowhike


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