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9895RE: [Hammock Camping] hammock adjustments

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  • Chinell, David F (GE Infrastructure)
    Aug 1, 2005
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      My two cents...

      I've tried the metal tensioners for tarp guys, and they work fine. But I went back to using a tautline hitch because it's just more satisfying to me. In fact, I usually untie all my rigging and retie it each time, rather than leaving it on the gear. More practice.

      I use double D-rings or O-rings attached with a water knot on my tree straps. I run the hammock strap through the rings like a belt, and don't even tie a safety knot. It works fine for me, but others have reported slipping. Maybe it's just the kind of materials used.

      (For pictures of a similar setup: http://tinyurl.com/9hhtq )

      Either way, I think this may be my favorite solution. By positioning the rings just inside the tarp coverage, they also act as drip stoppers.

      This last weekend I had another idea though. One tree was much thicker than usual, and my tree strap kept slipping as there wasn't enough strap to make enough loops. So I imagined a simple strap with a water knot loop on one end. The strap goes around the tree and through this loop (several times around if the tree is thin enough).

      Then there's a bridging part that consists of two pairs of O-rings linked together by -- ? Maybe a sewn loop of strap or maybe a metal link. The tree strap goes on one pair of rings, the hammock strap goes on the other. This has the advantage of allowing a firm and certain grip on the tree, an adjustable distance of the rings away from the tree, and a sliding adjustment for the hammock.

      But this gets awfully gear-oriented again. Still, it's always nice to dream. Especially nice to dream swinging in my hammock while the rain pelts down on my tarp.

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