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989Getting Laid In A Hammock

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  • Ed Speer
    Apr 4 2:04 PM
      I've already heard from one friend who was disapointed with my newsletter article; so he sent his suggestions.  Thought the List might get a kick out of this...Ed
      I was expecting to read about the benefits and drawbacks of getting laid in a hammock, so I made up a little list.  Let me know what you think of it!!  Feel free to pass it on or add to it!
      --|> G-Force
      Here is the list:


      • Great rocking motion!
      • Gives new meaning to the term "Being Well Hung"
      • Your balance is enhanced every time you use the hammock, no matter how you use it
      • Some really neat positions you can’t do any other way (unless you’re really creative!)
      • Going to end up close together no matter what you end up doing
      • Lots of unusual places and angles you can set up
      • Easier to keep legs up using the top of the walls of the hammock
      • Less predictability of motion makes for unexpected surprises
      • Lots of new positions you probably haven’t tried yet elsewhere – makes for a good story and/or bonding experience
      • Can customize the hammock (if you like to cut holes & sew) for some really unusual ways to use the hammock with a partner
      • If done right, can be more comfortable than many other methods
      • Low-hanging branches that you can hold onto may be beneficial
      • Kneeling or squatting is not as tough on the knees, just have to be more careful
      • Can get tied up without being tied up
      • Can swing without being a swinger



      • Need to be careful – there is less predictability of motion, especially when two people are involved
      • Can’t easily get away from your partner as easily as you would just roll away in a bed (if you wanted to)
      • Only a few safe positions, but those few give you something to talk about afterwards
      • Strength of hammock must be tested first, especially with aggressive use of the hammock
      • Curvature of hammock makes standard positions difficult, if not impossible
      • When kneeling – need to make sure you’ve got good balance (not as easy)
      • Might need pillows in the hammock for additional support or for certain positions
      • Getting up to pee or shower afterwards is a challenge or inconvenient
      • Smoking a cigarette in the hammock afterwards is dangerous and an ashtray is not as easy to get to
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