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9885the ongoing saga of wet-weather testing

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  • marta_clark
    Jul 30, 2005
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      It seemed like the perfect opportunity--heavy rains possible off and
      on all weekend. (Alas, I missed some real downpours during the week
      when I was at work.) My son had eaten enough Pringles to give me the
      requisite plastic caps.

      The rain started this morning as I was getting home from doing
      errands. I stabbed a little slit in the center of two Pringles
      lids. I quickly pitched the tarp and hammock in the woods behind the
      house, feeding the hammock straps through the slits in the process.
      I did not attempt to make the slit fit the strap, or to seal it
      against moisture. Of course I needed to make the testing conditions
      as realistic as possible so I grabbed a book and got into the
      hammock. To keep slugs from gathering on my sandals (see the post
      from a number of weeks ago about that subject), I hung a plastic bag
      from a caribiner at the head of the hammock, just above the knot, and
      put the sandals inside.

      At first the plastic caps seemed to be working. Water was hitting
      them and dripping off. As the rain got heavier, though, water was
      continuing down past the caps and dripping off at the point where the
      D ring holding the bug net cord attaches. Because it was the middle
      of the day, I could clearly see the line at my feet and could see the
      exact path of the water. The storm was not tropical-storm intensity,
      but it was respectable and I could see that the plastic caps were not
      working. I managed to get in a good nap anyway.

      When I got up from the nap and took the sandals out of the plastic
      bag, there was around half a cup of water puddled in the bag.
      Apparently it had traveled down the caribiner, down the bag's
      handles, and right into the bag itself. Which beats having it run
      into the hammock, but it's still not the solution I'm looking for.
      I'm going to mull things over tonight and perhaps get to try
      something else out tomorrow, assuming we get another storm.

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