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  • slowhike
    Jul 28, 2005
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      sandy & jim... i`ve just gotten into hammock camping & lightweight
      tarp use this past spring, so i think others in this group will have a
      lot more advice to offer, but i`ll throw out a couple thoughts. my 1st
      thought on ridge line would be something like ed speers orange line.
      others can tell you more about the size, strenght, etc, but it is
      strong,light, & dosen`t obsorb much water. and it`s easy to see.
      that`s really helpful when walking around camp. it has a little bit
      of stiffness to it so w/ the proper knot, it`s easy to untie.
      i`m wondering what kind of tarp you are using? a lot of the tarps
      being used have a tie loop in the center of each end. this alows you
      to permanantly tie a ridge line to the center of the tarp on each end.
      attach at least 10 or 15 feet on each end. this meathod is quicker &
      easyer than puting up a ridgeline & then throughing a tarp over it.
      and when you through a tarp over a ridge line, it will ride back
      toward the center if not attached to the ridge line. a ridge line
      attached to pull loops on each end solves this problem also.
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