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9782Test hammock

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  • Ralph Oborn
    Jul 16, 2005
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      Our older scouts did a "high adventure" 50 mile hike over the last four days.
      They went to the whiteclouds in south central Idaho.
      I was invited but unable to go, so I sent a coule of Risk $10.00 test hammocks.

      four yards od Wally world polyester @$1 a yard and some strapping. One
      kid and one leader used them, worked great. The only difference
      between mine and Rick's is we used the double sheetbend rather than
      the whipping.
      They loosly tied a rope around the waist to keep out some of the
      skeeters, next time they would like to try bug netting. Great first
      trial and introduction, thanks folks for the suggestions.

      Ralph Oborn
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