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9772Re: [Hammock Camping] Beginner's Question on Sleeping Arms

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  • Sandy Kramer
    Jul 15, 2005
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      Hi, Robert...if you'll find my introduction (newbie from Miami's set-up), you can find the info about the Byer micro-rope that I bought to go with my Moskito Traveler.

      And I also posted how how comfortable I was and kept reading and dozing off all morning.

      However, I do have the numbness and tingling all the time when I sleep on a regular bed. I also noticed that for the past year I have been dropping things a lot. Doesn't matter what size they are.

      I mentioned this to my dr. and he said, "Maybe you have carpal tunnel syndrome." I went to the neurologist and that is pretty much what it appears to be. I missed the appt. for the electrical "test" but didn't bother to reschedule because I am not about to have the surgery at this stage.

      Anyway, you may want to check with your physician about that possibility.

      PS Ed, thanks for the welcome. (didn't want to clutter the board with this).

      robbertbos <r.bos@...> wrote:
      Yesterday I bought an inexpensive hammock. To figure out if I could sleep in a hammock
      at all. If so, I'll buy a "real one".
      Mine is a 30 euro Amazonas Moskito-Traveller. Can be used on both sides: with & without
      the mosquito net. It has no ropes, so I took a few hours before I had it hanging the right
      way (and height) on my Amsterdam balcony. Of course it took me hours to fall asleep, as
      there are so many things to do... Adjust the pillow, draw myself up as I want my head to
      be much higher than the rest, making it cooler, making it warmer, trying this and that...

      When I awoke after an hour, everything was comfy except for my numb, sleeping arms &
      hands. That was the main problem for the rest of the night, in every position I tried: on
      back, sides, something in between, stretched lengthwise, diagonally, fetus position, yogi
      position, etc. Strangely enough: both arms would be effected when lying on one side.

      Finally I brought in my fat Thermarest. Result: less numbness, very warm, and comfy at
      first. But when I woke up, I found that I & the Therma had slipped into weird positions.
      When I got out, my back felt like it had been twisted and wrung painfully. The mat didn't
      look like somebody been in a healthy position at all. I don't want to travel with a big mat

      I remember having a similar circulation problem long ago when I slept on a waterbed. Had
      to throw it out just because of that.

      I'm a skinny guy, no protective layer of fat & meat, so maybe the hammock's hugging
      effect works directly on the nerves of my shoulder/arm?

      Anybody has a similar experience? Tips on how to solve this? By the way: eating more does
      not help :)



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