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9756Re: wet again

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  • chcoa
    Jul 13 10:49 PM
      Well, story of my life, day late and dollar short. Obviously others
      where thinking the same thing. The Pringle tops is a good thought but
      one appeal of using a bandana or a sock is that it's not anything extra
      to carry. I wonder if I have something in my kit that would work that
      I already carry and could just be modified??? Hmmm

      Water bottle cap, film case top, bra cup insert,

      Also, how about putting a rock or two inside your sock then hanging
      them on the line? That way it's weighted and you don't have to worry
      about the wind whipping it around.

      jamie d

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "chcoa" <jdeben@h...> wrote:
      > I don't know if this is what Bill was talking about with the "drip
      > ring" idea but on my kayak paddles I have two washer type rings that
      > sit right at the outside edge of my hands on the paddle handle. This
      > greatly decreases the amount of water that run down the paddle handle
      > on the up stroke. I'm thinking something like this might work for
      > hammock ropes. One or two light weight washer type rings that fit
      > tightly on the rope and instead of absorb the water they just
      > it from running down the rope.
      > Jamie in AZ
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