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9750Re: hammock V house poll

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Jul 13 9:58 AM

      At least some of the Yahoo forums in which I participate show writers' E-mail addys in modes to fellow members, but not to non-members. Once it is included as part of the body of the message, it is available to anyone or anything.


      From: "zippydooda" <zippydooda@...<about:blank>>
      Subject: Re: hammock V house poll

      Please correct me if I'm wrong on this...

      As far as I know, on the group website, the e-mail addresses are
      shown only up to and including the @ sign, like zippydooda@, which
      supposedly protects them from the bots. Is this what other web-
      viewing non-moderators see?

      And, for people receiving posts by e-mail, your e-mail address is
      included in every post that you make. So, people who receive e-mails
      already know Rosaleen's address, and everyone else's. Right?

      So I don't think that the poll results are revealing any secrets. At
      least not to me...

      Bill in Houston

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