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9730Re: [Hammock Camping] tree-climber

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  • Moz
    Jul 11, 2005
      ceciliahuset said:
      > some extra functions: I want both rain fly and mosquito net to be
      > not separate parts, but stuck to the hammock. (etc, etc)

      This depends a lot on the tree you camp in. Many trees have quite
      substantial branches, making it easy to attach a couple of fly-lines.
      I use a Hennessey Hammock in trees with some success, and before that
      used a home-made one that worked in a similar way. Be aware that you
      are more likely to end up falling if you hang the hammock between two
      trees high up - the tops move much more than the bottoms (and mroe
      than branches do relative to each other).

      Currently I run a length of 6mm rope out through the slit in the HH,
      but ideally I'd like an opening in the side and a quickdraw sewn
      through the top of the netting. I haven't down that yet though.

      I suggest you add a hauling pulley (only goes round one way) to your
      collection, as that makes it much easier to bring stuff up into the
      tree. When cycle touring I occasionally find it useful to camp 20m or
      30m off the ground, and lifting something that heavy you need at least
      2:1 pulley advantage (80kg or so). So it depends on what you're

      When you're up a tree, it's often useful to have a "gear hammock" or
      something that can be stretched out to make a more or less flat
      surface. Otherwise cooking and so on can be a real pain, but that also
      depends on whether you want to go down to cook. I'm used to trees
      where that's a real pain (descend 30m, cook, climb 30m? I don't think
      so). I carry a 70cm triangle of doubled ripstop with gear cord edging
      that makes biner loops in the corners. So I can sit on it if I want
      to, but normally I just put gear on it as I unpack it. The HH in
      seat mode is not a good place to put things - it's too liable to shake
      and drop your gear.

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