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9725keeping tension/ how much tension

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  • ekunitz
    Jul 11, 2005
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      I've had my HH UL asym for about two weeks now and I have a few
      questions. after playing in the trees with it a number of times I've
      been experimenting with it on the ground. Here is where I've run into a
      few problems. I can't seem to keep enough tension in the hammock's
      ridgeline in order to pitch the tarp properly, or for that matter to
      even keep the bug mesh off my face. I found an earlier posting about
      the triangle method of staking out the lines but when ever I reach the
      desired tension, it seems to be too much force for the pegs to hold (I
      must admit that the earth here has been fairly rain saturated in the
      past weeks). This leads me to two conclusions: A., that I'm using the
      wrong type of pegs (normal rounded tent pegs) or B., something is wrong
      with my pitching angles (i.e., how high should I pitch the ridgeline
      off the ground, how much of the hammock should be "supported" off the
      ground, ect.). It looks so easy on Sgt. Rocks's website!

      My second question is about how tight to tie it when hanging. In my
      first few attempts at setting up (It took me about 20 minutes the first
      time!) I really reefed on the lines and made really tight knots. After
      climbing in and then readjusting the lines (again tightening them) I
      tried to get comfortable. I was so sad, after reading so much about the
      comfortable nap I thought I would have, to find an acute and pestering
      pressure in my heels. I've tried raising the foot end by about 4
      inches, and even tying up the hammock with a little more slack in the
      line, but nothing seems to work. Am I doing something wrong?

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