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  • Ed Speer
    Apr 3, 2003
      Welcome, glad to have you onboard. Your first experience with a camping hammock sounds similar to that of most people. You can understand why we are all so enthuisiastic!  You should find the answers to all your questions here...Ed
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      I've just found and joined this group.  My experience is limited
      with Hammock Camping.  I've gone camping with my boys for more
      than 10 years and never slept very well on the ground.  Last fall,
      after being called as Scoutmaster of our troop, I bought a Byer
      Amazonas Traveller Hammock. 
      My first time to try it out was on our Winter Campout the week
      between Christmas and New Year's.  Our camp was at Rock Enon, VA,
      northwest of Winchester on the West Virginia line.  The forecast was
      for temperatures in the teens, but light - nonexistent winds.  I set
      up under a tarp with about an inch of padding under my 2 sleeping
      bags (one inside the other).  I had a hat for my head and a scarf for
      my face.  I knew that if it got too cold I could bail out and go
      inside the cabin.  I actually was a little too warm in my set up, but
      otherwise had my best night of sleeping ever on a campout.  In the
      future I'll bring tents for the Scouts, but I'm sticking with my
      hammock.  I need to add a bug net before our summer camp in August.

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