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959Re: Tyvek hammock??

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  • o123david
    Apr 3, 2003
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      >Has anyone else done work with a tyvek hammock?

      I think Tyvek might be the best material for a hammock in other than
      a very warm climate.

      My reason is that too much heat is lost to wind, which Tyvek blocks.
      With Tyvek less padding should be needed.
      I have found that my quilt, a Nunatak Ghost, didn't work well in
      normal hammocks because of too much movement of air. With Tyvek it
      should work and save even more weight.

      The ideal material appears to be Tyvek CommercialWrap which has twice
      the tear resistance of HouseWrap and seven times the wind resistance
      at only 50% more weight (2.7 oz/square yard). Available in 5'x200'
      rolls. Probably expensive (for one).

      There is a method commonly used to make Tyvek quiet, maybe by washing
      it without soap in cold water.
      It would probably be bulky.
      Tyvek Contractor Tape could be used to attach the velcro for the
      bugnet, or attach the bugnet directly to the Tyvek and have some more
      limited opening such as an entrance in the middle of one side of the

      It would be great if somebody would make one, maybe out of Tyvek
      HouseWrap. I'd really like to know how it works out.
      It will probably be a while before I get around to trying to make
      one, and the price of CommercialWrap may make it too expensive to
      try. --David
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