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952J-mock Update

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  • Jason S
    Apr 2, 2003
      Sorry about the late post, I've been running around all day. Last
      night in the J-Mock hammock went as good as aspected. Slept like a
      baby. No rips or tears, no tipping, slips or falls. My only
      complaint is that I got a little cold. The garage was about 55
      degrees and I underestimated how much clothing I needed. I also
      locked myself out of the house and didn't want to wake up my
      sleeping wife but that is another story. So I slept in a pair of;
      sweat pants, sweat shirt, and wrapped myself in a military poncho
      liner. I only woke up once during the night but the was to go
      tinkle. I also went out today and bought two 5 x 10 pieces of green-
      ripstop nylon from our local fabric store, and had my grandmother
      inlaw stitch them together giving me a 10 x 10 Tarp that weights
      just over 1.3 lbs. I found a 20 pack of eyelits at walmart for $4.64
      that have been placed 3 along each side of the fabric. I'll get some
      pictures posted tomarrow afteroon on my website.

      -Jason S.

      visit my website http://www.spanky526.com
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