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9505Re: modified HH

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  • jsmitty77
    Jun 15, 2005

      I had never really thought about it too hard before, but you are
      right. The hennesy with its assymetrical design rally lets you lay
      down instead of the engulfed feeling i get in other hammocks. did
      you also take the ridgeline off?? I think if I could find a way to
      replace the ridgeline with something tha is removeable it would be
      Super Cool.

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "slowhike" <slowhike@y...>
      > jamie in az... if you were following this thread very closely,
      > mite would remember that my friend (who owns the HH) also owns a
      > speer, & i own (& now spend every night in) an eagles nest double.
      > HH dosen`t wrap around you & enclose you as much. it also alows you
      > see around better(lower walls). but for some folks, including
      > (& the owner of the HH i`m working on), we`d just like to see
      around a
      > little better, w/o the net. we like the wide spread of the HH bed,
      > most of the time would rather not have the net in the way. so i`m
      > doing away w/ all of the original design features as you suggested.
      > nor am i doing anything to go aganst tom`s patten. at trail days in
      > damascus, va, tom seemed very open to new ideas. now, to report
      > this experiment; it does indeed work w/o the net! the already short
      > walls (which were not really taught w/ the net) probably sag just a
      > little more now,but not much.i`m working on that at each end now.
      > also, because of a broken back & 13 broken ribs 3 years ago, i need
      > little thicker pad than some(BA insulated aircore). the shorter,
      > confining walls of the HH don`t hold a larger pad in as well.
      > especaily for someone who moves around at night. but my friend who
      > needs less pad, is going to love that wide open sleeping surface.
      > slowhike
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