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  • Banjo Doje
    Jun 11, 2005
      Well, Michael, from the testing of last winter, without the add-ons
      that extended the testing season for us, I had very little difficulty
      out in the cold with my Supershelter - got chills a couple of times at
      my shoulders but nothing that made me not want to hammock in the cold.
      Now, with the torso and hip pads added, I can't see any problem with
      staying warm! However, we had another hammocker who had terrible
      problems staying warm. So I think a lot of it has to with your own
      tolerance of cold. I have been in it down to -11 C with only the
      slight chills - with the torso and hip pads I expect the chills to go
      away - I'm also going to go out one night when it is expected to get
      REALLY cold Um, but when I do the conversion from Celcius to
      Farenheit - I can't honestly say we get down to -60 C which is -76 F
      ;-) The coldest we get is MAYBE -29 C but usually -20 to -23 C. But
      this winter, like I said, I'm going to try to get out colder - since
      it looks like I'm not going to be working for a while, if the cold
      nights are during the week, I'll be able to get out since I won't have
      to get up for work.

      Thanks for your response Michael - yeah, it's kind of hard to get any
      kind of scientific data figured out - just go by what testers say. We
      DID, however, have these Supershelters last winter but since they sent
      the other parts, we didn't do the long term report - they changed it
      to December (sorry I'm rambling - I'm on meds for my herniated discs
      and my train of thought frequently gets derailed ;-)

      But I will post my results on here also as I'm going along before I
      get my Long Term report done and also after since it is done the
      middle of December - and we get some really cold weather in January.


      On 6/11/05, Michael <dansferd_observatory@...> wrote:
      > Hi Jodi,
      > LOL! Good to hear from you. I'm certain now that you too encounter -
      > 55 to -60 Celsius in January. I won't bother with exposed hammock
      > camping in those temps, but it will be nice to see MORE data showcasing
      > what these puppies can do well into some of the colder weather
      > during "normal" winter use. I think the best anyone can expect is a
      > collection of numerous reports from dedicated hammockers. There is no
      > scientific standard for this testing I am aware of that the
      > manufacturer has set forth for this experiment. If there is, please
      > inform me, as I would be glad to fall in with the rest and sign up for
      > the fun! :-) There simply is not enough data yet to say that our
      > Supershelters will really do the trick or not do the trick in our
      > harsher winter settings. IMHO, testing of this nature might have been
      > considered before selling a "4-season upgrade product" to the masses.
      > As I said recently, I am a hammock lover. Having used the Expedition
      > Asym, I trust I will have reliable and cozy "summer plus" use coming my
      > way. Let's keep the lines open. Thank you again for responding to my
      > concern.
      > Michael

      " Everyday I am faced with challenges and I accept those challenges,
      no matter how tough the reality of my life is. I can take it because I
      believe in me and know that I can do what I set my mind to do."
      Author Unknown
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