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  • Michael
    Jun 10, 2005
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Banjo Doje <bpskids@g...> wrote:
      > As one of the Supershelter testers, would you mind telling me what you
      > look for in a report on something like this? Our long term testing
      > has been extended to December and if you aren't finding info that you
      > would like in the reports, I, as a tester, would like to know what you
      > ARE looking for. I'm no scientist but maybe I can incorporate
      > something that you are looking for into the report. Where I live,
      > northwest Pennsylvania, we can have some brutal winters although I'm
      > not sure they are as brutal as Saskatchewan.
      > Thank you for any input you may give me.
      > Jodi Cornelius
      > Hennessy Supershelter Tester

      Hi Jodi,

      LOL! Good to hear from you. I'm certain now that you too encounter -
      55 to -60 Celsius in January. I won't bother with exposed hammock
      camping in those temps, but it will be nice to see MORE data showcasing
      what these puppies can do well into some of the colder weather
      during "normal" winter use. I think the best anyone can expect is a
      collection of numerous reports from dedicated hammockers. There is no
      scientific standard for this testing I am aware of that the
      manufacturer has set forth for this experiment. If there is, please
      inform me, as I would be glad to fall in with the rest and sign up for
      the fun! :-) There simply is not enough data yet to say that our
      Supershelters will really do the trick or not do the trick in our
      harsher winter settings. IMHO, testing of this nature might have been
      considered before selling a "4-season upgrade product" to the masses.

      As I said recently, I am a hammock lover. Having used the Expedition
      Asym, I trust I will have reliable and cozy "summer plus" use coming my
      way. Let's keep the lines open. Thank you again for responding to my

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