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  • Coy
    Jun 10, 2005
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      I've coind a phrase "there aint no substitute for cubic inches". OK
      I stole it. Of course the original phrase refurs to hp in a car.
      In a hammock it mostly boils down to "have you got enough cu in of
      insulation under over and beside you". Dave put up a chart
      somewhere (one of the hammock camping news letters?) giving what
      inches are needed to stay warm. Seems like he also mentioned
      Ryan's ? (wrote backpackings books, invents climbing gear and flys
      hangliders) chart and how he found he needed a little more than
      Ryans chart indicated. I dont think the supershelter was designed
      for -30 F either. you will need more padding or insulation under
      you. On top it would be any bag that will do for that temp.
      looking forward to your test results. You got a Fluke?

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Michael"
      <dansferd_observatory@y...> wrote:
      > I just purchased a Hennessy Explorer Deluxe with the complete
      > Supershelter System. I hope to achieve some good 4-season results
      > with it.
      > I've read several of the available "Hennessy Hammock reviews" on
      > internet with some very mixed feelings. Being a scientist, I'm
      > to testing under much more controlled standards. While there is
      > certainly useful information to ponder about the hammock itself,
      > of it is not worth the read. There is not a single bit of
      > I've come across that offers solid data regarding the Supershelter
      > System offered with this hammock.
      > Here in Saskatchewan, real world 4-season use means temperatures
      > go below freezing in 3 out of 4 seasons. Winter conditions are
      > of the harshest and brutal in North America. Let's see how this
      > system, rigged with a space blanket as an additional accessory,
      > with my -30 degree celsius sleeping bag (overbag and two fleece
      > garments layered) fares in the future.
      > In the meantime, my MEC -7 degree sleeping bag should fare to its
      > temperature rating without the Overcover. If not, I would see
      > something is flawed with the system. I will be as objective as
      > possible.
      > Regards,
      > Michael
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