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938Re: technical terminology, materials in hammocks

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  • geoflyfisher
    Apr 1, 2003

      I am always glad to see someone learning how to sew their own gear.
      Sorry to say I don't know enough Hungarian to find the toilet, much
      less technical language to help you... so the following is in english
      and perhaps will help you in a fabric store.

      Ripstop nylon is a woven fabric of nylon that has thicker thread
      about every half centimeter or so in both thread directions... it
      ends up looking like there is a net of squares imbedded into the
      background material. It is often used for parachute material. It is
      breathable material, and if you put your lips up to the material, you
      can suck air through it. For hammock making, you do not need the
      lightest ripstop. Using US measures, the lightest ripstop weighs 1.1
      oz per square yard. What you are looking for is one grade heavier
      (and by far the most common) at 1.9 oz per square yard.

      silnylon starts out as 1.1 (or 1.3) oz ripstop, but is impregnated
      with silicone so it ends up weighing about 1.5 oz per square yard.
      This is really waterproof stuff which is quite slippery. It makes
      wonderful material for lots of waterproof application.

      Cordura nylon is a heavy version of woven nylon threads. It is often
      done as a "basket weave" material... that is fairly corse threads to
      make up a material which is much heavier... like the material that
      modern cloth suitcases are made from.

      All this stuff is available mail order here in the states. I presume
      once you figure out the right words it is available worldwide. It is
      not commonly found in neighborhood cloth merchants - with the
      possible exception of simple 1.9 oz ripstop. Certainly I have never
      seen either no-see-up netting or silnylon in a sewing hobby store.

      I hope this helps.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, robi dawson <beanco@m...>
      > Hi Everybody,
      > Spring is here, we are setting our agendas for camping trips,
      biking trips,
      > canoe trips etc.
      > just the kind of trips to finally starting hammock camping on.
      > Do to various reasons, I want to make my own gear, 1. i like making
      > 2. it could be cheaper, 3. it certainly is more fun than buying.
      > I have looked around the Net, been reading these posts for a few
      weeks now,
      > been told about the Speer book... this is all fine, however, i have
      > problem with terminology.
      > is there a Site out there that gives really easy to understand
      > examples of all the various materials,
      > rip-stop nyilon
      > silnylon
      > cordura - ok more for back packs I know...
      > the list goes on, but these are the three that come to mind.
      > The reason I need to know is I have not had much luck finding this
      > for sale here in Hungary. That means either it is not available or
      it comes
      > under a different name here... so I am on the quest to find local
      > of material but need to know the specs of the stuff to figure out
      what it
      > is called in Hungarian or to explain to the folks in the shops who
      can help
      > me....
      > If all else fails I will buy on line, so the question arises, where
      to buy
      > cool modern ultra lite, ultra strong materials?
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