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937Re: suggestions please

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  • Bob
    Apr 1, 2003
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      1. Select the proper site. The best location is on the back side of
      a hill, preferably in a draw with some vegetation in the direction of
      the wind to help wind block, get the wind to hit at an angle to the
      side, with the foot downwind. Jardine talks about katabatic air, the
      zone of cold air in vallies. He says this zone can be as great as
      100ft deep. Make sure you are above it.

      2.Choose your warmest sleeping bag, have enough extra clothes to add
      warmth. Don't forget a hat or even better a balaclava.

      3. Use the car reflector pad system as described by Sgt Rock here
      http://hikinghq.net/hammock/hammock2.html#Tip 4 Most dept stores are
      out of car reflectors this time of the year but most auto parts
      stores will have them in stock.

      4. Hey it could be colder you are in NC after all, in Pa we still
      have snow on the ground and it was 12 last night.
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