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9323Sleeping Pad Extenders

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  • Theresa Frye
    Jun 1, 2005
      I went out over Memorial Day weekend using a Hennessy Hammock. It is
      not mine, but I have used it on many trips at this point. After this
      weekend I will be buying my own.

      I made my own version of the "extender" that Ed had at Trail Days, the
      silnylon sleeve that holds a sleeping pad, and has a section to slide in
      "wings" on either side. My wings were 6 inches wide and 20 inches long
      and made of blue foam (ensolite) and I used my Ridgerest as my main pad.
      I put silicone marks on the back to keep it from slipping and sliding.
      It worked really, really well. Without the Rigdgerest (so just my wings
      and nylon) it weighed 3.8 oz.

      This was the most comfortable I have been in the hammock, cause I could
      roll a bit and not have a shoulder hit the uninsulated bit of hammock
      and get cold. I think for colder use I might even make it with longer wings.

      Thanks to Ed for showing that at Trail Days.

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