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9309Re: southern AT in the winter

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  • jwj32542
    Jun 1, 2005
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "o123david" <o123david@y...>
      > With the Speer hammock, the 900 down peapod with 2 oz overfill,
      > a down blanket (overstuffed Nunatak Ghost) that is 2.8" thick, and
      > with the 8'x10' tarp in an A-frame to block some of the wind, my
      > impression is that I will at times still not be warm. Is this true?

      This should keep you warm for 2 season hiking in most places, and
      for 3 season hiking in a lot of places...depends on where you hike.

      > My question is about what to add for an average person to be warm.

      I collected a bunch of methods, with pictures, on my page:

      > Would it be better to use something that doesn't block moisture,
      > as a down quilt under the hammock and on top of the peapod?

      Yes. I think so, anyway...lots of folks are happy with pads, but I
      can't do CCF because of the condensation, and I don't carry my
      ThermaRest because of the weight. I haven't tried Ed's SPE
      yet...that might help some with the condensation.

      > Would I be warmer with less air between me and the insulation, in
      > other words with a hammock only 4' wide?

      For best warmth, you want the bottom insulation to be exactly
      against the hammock without compressing it. Any air in between will
      be cooled and steal your heat.

      All just my opinions...

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