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9305Re: [Hammock Camping] southern AT in the winter

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  • Craig Stephanski
    Jun 1, 2005
      Sounds like you are on the right track....I would also pay attention to what you wear at night as well. Something to cover the head is important, as is a good set of longjohns and something to cover the feet. Also eat something before you go to bed so that your metabolism can help keep you warm from the inside out(a few good hunks of cheese before bed will 'burn' slowly at night and I can tell the difference in how much warmer I am when I eat vs when I don't) Experimenting is the key, find what works for you...Craig

      o123david <o123david@...> wrote:The southern AT, with its damp and windy weather, can be cold in the
      winter. With the possibility of mushy snow on the ground a hammock
      seems the only way to go. Layers of pads, the Oware 1/4" pads, can
      provide warmth, but they are bulky and since they block the movement
      of moisture everything ends up a little damp in the morning. So I'd
      like to try to wrap myself in down.

      With the Speer hammock, the 900 down peapod with 2 oz overfill, under
      a down blanket (overstuffed Nunatak Ghost) that is 2.8" thick, and
      with the 8'x10' tarp in an A-frame to block some of the wind, my
      impression is that I will at times still not be warm. Is this true?

      My question is about what to add for an average person to be warm.
      Should I use a pad, maybe 20" wide and 3/8" thick, under me?
      Would it be better to use something that doesn't block moisture, such
      as a down quilt under the hammock and on top of the peapod?
      Would I be warmer with less air between me and the insulation, in
      other words with a hammock only 4' wide?

      What is the best way to be ultralight, warm, and dry using a hammock
      on the southern AT in January?

      Thanks. --David

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