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9299Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Fabric alert

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  • Mike Lipay
    May 31, 2005
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      >> What was interesting was that all of the fabric was in a woodland
      > camouflage
      >> pattern.
      > I've seen desert camo in two Walmart bargain bins now. Not coated or
      > ripstop...just regular old nylon. And some woodland camo bug netting.
      > This weekend I picked up ~15 yards of "army green" ripstop, probably
      > 1.9oz, and ~5 yards of gray DWR. All of the DWR I've found in Walmart
      > (3 times now, in different states) has been the same gray color! The
      > only silnylon is a baby blue color...not a big fan, but it's good for
      > prototyping. All kinds of RN in different colors, though.

      Can't help thinking...

      hanging in the air
      hammock made of camo
      sleeping in the middle of the night
      along comes elk...

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