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  • simva2020
    Mar 31, 2003
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      this coming Sunday I will be section hiking from Deep Gap, NC to
      Wallace Gap, NC on the AT and will be using the HH A-sym for the
      first time....my underquilt is still under construction and will not
      be ready for the trip....so what to do to keep the backside
      warm...this section has many miles above 4000 feet and I think I will
      camp near the shelters that are around 4300 feet in elevation-so it
      will be chilly even if warm in the day....my options currently are:
      1. I have a Rab-Top bag that Moonbowgear has modified for me by
      adding a sleeve to accomodate a 3/4inch thick Bevalite pad that is 24
      inches wide and 78 inches long.
      2. I have a Nunatak Arc Alpinist quilt
      3. I have Tyvek left over from recent construction

      I'm pushing the age envelope and hike with the mindset of an
      ultralighter and usually carry 26-28 pounds for a 3 day hike
      including water/food/winter gear.....but this is my first time with
      the HH on the trail and I dont want to be miserable in the cold.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.
      Medicine Man
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