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9289Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Trip report

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  • PennyBright
    May 31, 2005
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      The ends of my hammock have a rope loop. I don't think it's really clear in
      the photos, but the support cords in the hammock come up into the loop,
      which is knotted around with a continuous ring hitch. It makes a nice solid
      ring, which is slightly flexible. That flexibility is part of what makes it
      so easy to adjust the ossel hitch on it -- the hitch holds tightly, but I
      can warp the ring a little bit to loosen it up and undo or adjust it.
      a pretty good photo of the ossel hitch on the ring -- you can see the
      ridge of the ring hitching nicely. The construction on this hammock is
      pretty neat, really --- the support cords and ring on each end are actually
      one long piece of cording that's been woven through the hammock fabric, then
      drawn up and knotted with the ring hitch to hold them in position and form a
      hanging loop. Pretty nifty.


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