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9287Trip report

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  • PennyBright
    May 30, 2005
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      I just got back from my weekend trip -- it went pretty well, though very
      physically challenging - beyond what I had conditioned for.
      The hammock and tarp came through three thunderstorms and one steady nights
      rain perfectly. I stayed dry, I stayed warm, my gear stayed dry, everything
      worked exactly as it should. Weirdly, I was so comfortable that I kept
      disoriented in my sleep and waking up dimly thinking I was at home in bed
      and getting upset that I hadn't actually left for my trip yet.... and I
      would get so upset I woke up all the way and realized I was out on the trip,
      and then be able to go back to sleep.
      I only took a few pictures of the hammock set up on the first night - the
      second night I was too exhausted - I almost forgot how to set the tarp up, I
      was so tired. so, no pictures... but it was pretty much the same as the
      first night.
      I am totally in love with the ossel hitch. I was able to adjust the hammock
      in the middle of the night when it had stretch a little too much just by
      loosening and then sliding some more length into the free end on the hitch.
      And that's that.
      Pictures can be seen
      there's a longer trip report with all the gory details on my blog.

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