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9264RE: [Hammock Camping] Alternative to Nylon?

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  • Ed Speer
    May 24, 2005
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      Tom, polyester is the best, if you can find it. It is strong and has the
      least stretch of the 3, but deteriorates the fastest in sunlight. PP is the
      next best choice. The strengths you mentioned are quite suitable...Ed

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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <ed@s...> wrote:
      > Tom, I've tested 1.9 oz/yd2 to 375 lbs w/ me bouncing up & down-the only
      > thing that happened was it pulled the bolts out of the wall of my
      This may be a new line of business: Demolition hammocks! :-)

      > I recommend at least 700 lb breaking strength polypropylene or polyester
      > webbing straps and it's buyer beware since many straps for sale are much
      > weaker and you can't tell just by looking at them. Also note that it's
      > practically impossible to visibly distinguish between polypropylene,
      > polyester, and nylon webbing, but you'll want to avoid nylon due to it's
      > high-memory stretch.

      The only source I've found for the webbing, is to buy luggage straps.
      The ones I've looked at are declared both for fiber and strength, so I
      should be able to find a suitable one. There is a 1" strap with a
      breaking strenght of 500kg (about 1100lbs), and I thought I'd get the
      webbing from that one. There is also a 350kg strap (~770lbs), and
      based on what you say, that should do as well, I guess.

      There are straps made from all three polymers; nylon is not the thing,
      but should I choose PP or polyester, if there is a choice?

      > Making your own hammock is both fun and rewarding! FYI, we sell camping
      > hammock kits with everything needed to make your own-so we've done
      most of
      > the work for you. We also have the recommended webbing straps in cut
      > lengths.
      I did consider this. However, with the shipping, customs handling fees
      and taxes, the price is nearly doubled by the time it gets here. I may
      opt for a kit or finnished product later, but for now, I just want to
      find out if this type of hammock is as comfortable as everybody says.

      > All the best with your project..Ed

      Thank you!

      Finally; Thank you all for kind advice!

      Best regards,
      Tom Einar

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