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925Near Disaster! "Autopsy" Results

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  • geoflyfisher
    Mar 31, 2003
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <info@s...> wrote:
      > Wow! Flyfisher--glad you were able to salvage your hike. Your quick
      > thinking saved the day (or the night).
      > I'm most interested in what caused the ripped hammock, as I'm sure
      > are.

      I did some work with the ripped hammock over the weekend. There is a
      new theory on what caused the tear.

      It looks like the tear actually started in a bartack at the end of
      the velcro. The bartack was perpendicular to the edge of the
      hammock. The tear, once started, pulled through the hem of the
      hammock material and then about 6 inches into the body of the hammock.

      The material was white ripstop. It was listed as 1.9 oz but
      examination now leads me to think it could well be 1.1 oz instead. I
      have not weighed it, but will do so.

      As you know, Ed, the edge of the hammock takes some extra tension
      entering and exiting. Along the edge of my hammock, I had sewn the
      velcro and it ended about 6 inches short of the knot. Because the
      velcro is relatively non elastic compared to the nylon body of the
      hammock, at the end of the velcro, there is a stress point. That was
      the reason I had put the bartack in to begin with... but it ended up
      being the weak point instead.

      Plans for next experiment are to continue the velcro all the way into
      the knot both for strength and better bug protection, and to attach
      the insulator/poncho with snaps instead of velcro.

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