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917RE: Hammock Camping Any tips for pitching/centering

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  • David Chinell
    Mar 25, 2003

      Measurements and math might indeed be a good way, if not the
      best. Alas, it's more science than I can manage at the end
      of a hike.

      I sometimes start by tying the hammock loosely, without the
      treehugger straps, using a taugline hitch. Then you can
      adjust the hammock back and forth. Once it's centered, tie
      one end the right way, but without pulling it very tight (so
      as not to slip the tautline on the other end). Finally, tie
      the other end and tension the whole thing at that end.

      When I'm doing this, I usually gauge things by how far back
      the working end of the hammock line comes along the
      ridgeline. Things like "it's a forearm short of touching the
      fabric of the hammock."

      Or take along a buddy and help each other out.

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