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912RE: Hammock Camping Near Disaster!

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  • Ed Speer
    Mar 25, 2003
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      Wow, Flyfisher.  Thanks for the info.  I've never seen velcro cause a tear in ripstop nylon, but I'll certainly watch for that in the future.  Good luck with your next hammock...Ed
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      Regarding the cause/anatomy/etc...

      the rip is at the end of the loop velcro.  It is perpendicular to the
      edge of the fabric and extends about 6 inches into the hammock. 

      My guess is the cause was the hook velcro of my bug net.  I had sewn
      hook velcro all the way to the end of the bug net, somewhat
      differently than you suggest.  It is a little more form fitting to
      the opening of the hammock.  I'd guess that the hooked together
      velcro on the bug net somewhere outside the overhand knot of the
      hammock got stuck and as I sat down on the edge of the hammock the
      hook velcro, or the sharp edge on that velcro, acted as a knife,
      starting a rip.  

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