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8964hammock weight vs tent

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  • slowhike
    May 4, 2005
      i`ve recently become addicted to hammock sleeping & i`m still
      working on system variations (homemade) for differant temps expected
      in NC mountians spring through fall. as money alows & i continue to
      read about differant options i`ll probably buy some of the great
      sounding stuff i`ve been seeing on line. but i have a friend who`s
      very interrested in the hammock, but wants to know how the weight of a
      hammock sleep system compares to sleeping on a pad on ground in tent
      or tarp. i know there are 2 million combination possibilitys for ea.
      also i remember someone saying that you may not actualy reduce your
      weight much if any w/ hammock (especialy if you sleep cold) but the
      comfort factor is worth a small weight penalty in this area. i wonder
      if some mite be willing to comment on this subject?
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