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  • Banjo Doje
    May 4, 2005
      The snakeskins that fit the Expedition can hold both the hammock, the
      undercover and the overcover although it's pretty tight and you have
      to make sure that you wind it tight before pulling the snakeskins down
      or else you have to start all over. So depending on what size
      snakeskins you have, even if they are smaller, you should be able to
      do both the hammock and the undercover without the overcover. But I'm
      not sure with the Hex Fly - you should contact Tom Hennessy - they are
      GREAT people to talk to.

      Jodi, who's testing the HH Supershelter

      On 5/3/05, rosaleen43@... <rosaleen43@...> wrote:
      > Becki-
      > I can experiment with my HH Asym Backpacker and an Undercover and let you
      > know if there seems to be much room left. If you are talking about the Silnylon,
      > for now I'd think M-A-Y-B-E. If you are considering the pu coated Hex Fly,
      > very likely not. that one is pretty bulky on its own.
      > You will need the largest Snakeskins to accomodate the hammock AND Undecover.
      > Could you call to order the 'skins and ask the Hennessy crew at the same
      > time?

      " Everyday I am faced with challenges and I accept those challenges,
      no matter how tough the reality of my life is. I can take it because I
      believe in me and know that I can do what I set my mind to do."
      Author Unknown
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