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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    May 3 6:28 PM
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      I can experiment with my HH Asym Backpacker and an Undercover and let you
      know if there seems to be much room left. If you are talking about the Silnylon,
      for now I'd think M-A-Y-B-E. If you are considering the pu coated Hex Fly,
      very likely not. that one is pretty bulky on its own.

      You will need the largest Snakeskins to accomodate the hammock AND Undecover.
      Could you call to order the 'skins and ask the Hennessy crew at the same

      From: LivNLrn3R@...
      Subject: Re: HH Questions

      I'm new here, just nabbed a HH backpacker asym on eBay since it was such a
      good price, more out of curiousity and trying to get a more comfortable sleep
      than any long-planned and researched purchase.

      In the past I've tented with both a Cloudburst and a Brawny Tacoma-for-2...I
      like both tents a lot but I've been through several tries with various pad
      arrangements to stay both warm & a little comfie. My bag is a Marmot Hydrogen
      I sleep with exped weight long johns, fleece socks, fleece hat, etc and STILL
      am cold. Pitiful, I know.

      Regarding the hex fly for more dry room under a hammock, can that still fit
      into the snakeskins when you roll everything up? I was already looking at the
      largest size snakeskin because of getting an undercover and underpad to stay
      warmer. Just curious how much bigger the hex fly is than the standard rainfly.

      Becki in CA -- very open to a CA hammock hanger get-together!

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