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8928Re: [Hammock Camping] Bad trip

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  • karens62@aol.com
    May 2, 2005
      Hi Marta,

      i have really only had water come down the strap twice, both times when i didn't have anything tied on the strap. Once was a night with a LOT of water coming directly down and the other was a night with almost hurricaine force winds and I am not sure if the water actually came down the strap as much as was blown onto the strap. We did have a lot of rain last weekend but it wasn't hard and steady all night long and most of us were pretty protected by vegetation. That was probably the difference but I think you figured that out already.

      Ed ties his dirty liner socks around his straps; I don't wear liner socks so often don't use that solution. Any scrap of absorbant material that will hang down will work.

      In the past I have used:
      Hair ties
      Strips of a worn and holey bandana
      Strips of those artificial chamois you can buy at flea markets for $1 for a whole big sheet
      Some black cotton thick shoelace things I picked up on the trail (had those tied on there for a number of trips)

      i'm sorry your husband had a negative experience, I hope he's willing to try it again!


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      I went camping with my husband this weekend and made
      the semi-ultimate sacrifice--I let him sleep in the
      new hammock while I slept in the tarptent on the
      ground. His hammock experience didn't work out all
      that well. We were up high on the AT, where the trees
      have not leafed out yet, and a steady, driving rain
      started up, intensifying as the night progressed. He
      woke up around midnight laying in a pool of water.
      The Pea Pod was pretty well soaked. He moved the
      insulated pad up under him and warmed up a bit, but it
      was a pretty bad night.

      When we got home, I read him the paragraphs in
      "Hammock Camping" about hanging a sock or something on
      the line to deal with this problem.

      It surprised me that it happened since the previous
      weekend, at Trail Fest, with all that rain, sleet, and
      snow, I had not had any water run down the straps and
      into the hammock. Do you all keep something on the
      line to intercept drips all the time?


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