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8915my friend`s hooked

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  • slowhike
    May 1, 2005
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      he tryed out my new eagles nest double, then borrowed it. he`s been
      checking out the web sites( but he`s not gotten into this group yet),
      & he`s asking questions like... does the HH offset asym design realy
      lay differantly? he`s not sure that he wants a hammock w/ bug net
      permanantly attached as it seems the HH is. i`ve encouraged him to
      look @ the speers. i need to get him to sign up w/ this group. he
      says he`s going to buy 2 hammocks. mabey 1 HH & 1 Speer, so when his
      brother comes down from NY they can both backpack w/ one. if anyone
      wants to share comments or direct me to other sources for the 2
      questions about the asym design or permanant bug net, that would be
      great. thanks...slowhike