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8911HH Questions

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  • cubixcrayfish
    May 1, 2005
      I am going to be using my hammock for 30 days straight this summer,
      and have a few questions,

      1.Privacy/Tarp Size- The HH standard fly does not offer a ton of
      privacy espcially in a tight group setting, which is how it will be
      this summer, does anyone have any advice. I was thinking of getting a
      MacCat tarp, anyone have any experinc with those, they look really
      nice, I think a standard would be great
      *On the topic of tarps, I am having a huge problem getting the
      rainfly set up correctly, can anyone offer any advice, it kept me dry
      in pouring rain, but water pooled in parts, I had it as tensioned as
      it could go, hmm

      2.Storage, I looked at the plans for the smaller hammock, I have a
      nylon parchute material hammock, Maybe I could rig it up under there,
      I will take my hammock out in the backyard and play with it more

      3. When setting up my HH, I can never seem to get it level, I read
      somewhere about someone using a tiny level on the ridgeline, but I
      don't want to do that, any ideas or tips

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