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8897OT: Trail Names

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Apr 30 11:39 AM
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      Hi Dave, I have had 2 kinds of cancer a total of 9
      times over the past 10 years but I would never want a
      trail name like "cancer man" or anything else
      associated with cancer. If you have hiked as much as
      you say then you must be dealing with your "fake leg"
      very well, your word for it not mine. I would think a
      trail name that celebrates your trail mileage or
      personality would be more appropriate. However, it
      seems that most trail names are given to us by others
      and not selected by us. A trail name that is
      something up-beat and not one that might seem
      self-serving. Other hiker are going to ask you how
      you got your trail name.

      The way our life situation plays out is something we
      seldom have any control over. We just have to pick
      ourselves up, see what is left and move on with that.
      Dwell on your situation to long and you are lost.

      I am having surgery this Monday to clean-up the last
      "dead" stuff from my most recent cancer treatment.
      After about 10 months I hope to get out for a hike in
      June or July. Many of my side effects are still with
      me but I will be happy with what ever time on a trail
      I have. I will do what I can and go from there.


      --- Dave F <akamp@...> wrote:
      > I need a trail name i have never picked one up I
      > should have i have done
      > the triple crown of hiking twice and have hiked all
      > of Yellowstone all
      > on one leg so I need some ideas I am a above knee
      > amputee meaning one
      > leg is fake from above the knee down. One idea i
      > thought of is wounded
      > wolf since I love wolves and lost the leg but not
      > sure if that is to
      > negative.

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