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8873Re: [Hammock Camping] Re:funny hammock stories

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  • hiking@westernpa.us
    Apr 30, 2005
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      > Well you are right about the smiles, thanks for sharing. The brown
      > fur one had be going. I think about that all the time even though
      > bears aren't super common in AZ. The height thing though is what
      > freeks me out I think. I just don't want to wake up to warm breath
      > looking in through my bug net right at my head level....ack!!! OF
      > course being the cream filling inside a tent isn't really appealling
      > either.
      > jamie in az

      When I did my Woodbadge training (Boy Scout thing) we spent a couple
      nights at the top of the Laurel Ridge. Woke up one Sunday morning to find
      a bunch of bear tracks all through our campsite (mom & cubs). They didn't
      disturb anything; I didn't even know they were there even though there was
      a set of tracks with 2 feet of my tent door. Pa. blackies just aren't very

      Two years ago I ran across a mom & her two cubs still "hibernating" just
      off the trail. Their "den" was just some old berry brush, they were nice
      and comfy underneath. I walked to within 30 ft of her, got a couple
      pictures (though they're hard to make out unless you know what you're
      looking at), mom stuck her head up and watched as I was taking them, then
      put her head back down as I left - exciting.

      Last year my son (Josh) and I were hiking the upper end of the Laurel
      Ridge and came across some bear scat, still nice and warm, steam coming
      off the top. Figured it couldn't have been more than a couple minutes old
      by the shimmer.

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