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8681Re: [Hammock Camping] which hammock?

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  • David Chinell
    Apr 12, 2005

      You really need to try out each kind to determine the pros
      and cons. It sounds expensive, but if you do it one-a-year,
      you might get away with it.

      The obvious starting place is to try a Speer style using
      Risk's excellent test hammock method. No sewing, under $10
      in materials, etc. Speers are the ultimate in flexibility.
      You only take and use the components you need. They work
      great with either closed cell foam or underquilts, and there
      are tons of add-ons you can make or buy.

      I'd suggest a Mosquito Hammock next. I think these are a
      great design, and a lot cheaper than the Clark. I think you
      could easily make one of these yourself if you folded and
      tied three layers (outside shell, inside bottom, netting)
      and closed the netting by running shock cord under the
      hammock from side to side at the middle.


      I like everything about these except the weight and the
      white netting used on the original production run of the
      Expedition model. You can hang the hammock with the mosquito
      netting down (just by flipping it over) and use it for
      lounging during the day, just like a Speer hammock. Then at
      night you flip it the other way and you have a bug-proof

      Finally, you should try a Hennessy. They are another great
      design. The feeling I get there is that everything (base,
      netting , tarp) is tightly integrated and reduced to the
      absolute minimum required, so you get a complete, light
      system that's easy to hang.

      I think the HH is less flexible because you always have to
      have the mosquito netting. It's just never seemed as easy or
      inviting for general lounging to me as the Speer type. But
      it's the first hammock I think of for a light, fast,
      complete system.

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