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8672Re: which hammock?

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    Apr 11, 2005
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      For a complete all-in-one system the Hennessey is hard to beat, but
      the Clark runs a close second. For the utmost in form, function and
      adaptability a Speer or homemade system is the ticket. It really
      depends on how *hands on* you are with your equipment. Hammocks are
      very adaptable, no matter if you buy it or build it.

      I am a side sleeper also. When I used to sleep on the ground my
      shoulders (along with other parts of my body) would ache in the
      morning. On the ground you can either sleep on your back, on your
      stomach or on your side, there's just not much in-between. But, in a
      hammock there are lots of in-betweens (is that a word?). For
      example, I now sleep lying on my left side, with my right led kinda
      crosswed over my left leg and my torso is slightly rotated toward my
      front. It's kinda like sleeping half and half on my side and
      stomach. Hard to explain, maybe I can take some pictures... I think
      it was Risk who best described it on another thread. I guess I am
      trying to say you are not limited to the position of your body, you
      can lie anywhere in the middle from *flat* to *on your side*, even

      Your right tho, there is no easy answer. I like my hammocks a little
      longer so I have room to *spread out*. One thing is for sure, there
      is no comparison when it comes to comfort!


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "slowhike" <slowhike@y...>
      > hey guys... i`m a backpacker & new to hammocks but becoming
      > extreamly interrested! i`ve been attracted (in my thoughts) toward
      > hammocks for quite some time ,but i`m a side sleeper & didn`t know
      > i could sleep in one. also 3 years ago i fell from a tree & broke
      > vertabra in my back & 13 ribs, so i need an even more comfortable
      > sleeping surface now than before. i`ve read enough now about side
      > sleepers & flat sleeping surfaces, to be wanting to try one out.
      > only one i`ve seen & been able to lay in is eagle nest @ the local
      > outfitters(great outdoor provision), but i`m realy drawn toward
      > something a little more complete like HH. looking at all the
      brands &
      > models can be a little confusing, not knowing where to draw the
      > between salesmanship & realality. i know there`s no easy answer to
      > question ,but can you guys point me to info on chooseing a hammock
      > that is tryed & true & hard to go wrong w/? thanks...slowhike
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