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8667which hammock?

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  • slowhike
    Apr 11, 2005
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      hey guys... i`m a backpacker & new to hammocks but becoming
      extreamly interrested! i`ve been attracted (in my thoughts) toward
      hammocks for quite some time ,but i`m a side sleeper & didn`t know if
      i could sleep in one. also 3 years ago i fell from a tree & broke 2
      vertabra in my back & 13 ribs, so i need an even more comfortable
      sleeping surface now than before. i`ve read enough now about side
      sleepers & flat sleeping surfaces, to be wanting to try one out. the
      only one i`ve seen & been able to lay in is eagle nest @ the local
      outfitters(great outdoor provision), but i`m realy drawn toward
      something a little more complete like HH. looking at all the brands &
      models can be a little confusing, not knowing where to draw the line
      between salesmanship & realality. i know there`s no easy answer to my
      question ,but can you guys point me to info on chooseing a hammock
      that is tryed & true & hard to go wrong w/? thanks...slowhike
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