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8657[Hammock Camping] Re: Knot photos in group's photo album

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  • Dave Womble
    Apr 11, 2005
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      I've never had the Slipped Bowline give me any trouble on hammock
      suspension line or my ridgeline. I use a home make Speer with low
      friction, hollow braid poly line for the hammock suspension line and
      it easily slips the knot when it is unloaded.

      On my tarp ridgeline I use the Slipped Bowline for the first tree and
      then use Ed Speers Four Wrap Method on the second, smaller tree,
      finished off with 2 half hitches. The Four Wrap Method (or 2 or 3
      wraps if the tree is larger) allows me to tie it while the line is
      taut and is easy to untie, especially if you finish off the 2nd half
      hitch with a slip loop.

      Knots are kind of neat aren't they? You can't always use your
      preferred knots and need backup plans. If I don't have enough line
      for the Four Wrap Method I will use a Slipped Bowline for both tarp
      ridgelines and then work the Taut Line Knots that I use to attach the
      ridgeline to the tarp to get the tarp taut. The Four Wrap Method
      comes in handy when the spacing between trees isn't much more than
      the length of the tarp and in those cases I will use the Four Wrap
      Method for both knots. (I guess I'm using somewhat of a logic diagram
      for which knot to use in what condition.)

      I am switching to the Highwayman Hitch to suspend some of my stuff
      sacks to my hammock suspension line or tarp ridgeline. It holds
      better than the Slip Clove Hitch I was using and I have more
      confidence in it holding all night during high winds. Thanks for the
      work you are doing.

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