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8654[Hammock Camping] Re: Knot photos in group's photo album

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  • Dave Womble
    Apr 11, 2005

      I was looking at the Exploding Clove Hitch and tied it off. It
      looked to me that for hammockers, that it would be applicable for
      similar applications as the Bowline with a Slip Loop, or quick
      release ( http://www.junglehammock.com/tips.php & Page Down about 3
      times). But, I noticed that after the Exploding Clove Hitch is loaded
      that it is much more difficult to untie. Am I missing something...
      seems like either knot should have sufficient holding power for tarp
      ridgelines or hammock suspension lines? Anyway, as you know, being
      able to easily untie knots is important... sometimes the difference
      between great gear and gear that is a piece of @#%& is whether or not
      you can untie it from the trees in the morning <grin>.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Rat" <hogn8r2004@y...> wrote:
      > More knots...
      > I posted more knots today.
      > Trucker's Hitch (with a knot variant)
      > Timber Hitch
      > Farmer's Hitch
      > I will clean up the others also (the originals) to make them easier
      > read.
      > Rat
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