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8635Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammock for bike camping

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  • Moz
    Apr 8, 2005
      Paul V. said:
      > I'm looking for a hammock to use for bike camping.

      I've used both a home-made hammock, and my current Hennessy hammock
      for cycle touring. Making one is striaght-forward, but does require a
      sewing machine and some time. I saw a Hennessy on sale for less than
      the cost of a cheap second hand sewing machine... so I bought it.

      There's a few comments scattered through
      http://www.moz.net.nz/photo/2004/01/01-tour/ on the subject, and even
      some photos. The www.hennessyhammock.com/ works well and is light and
      easy to pitch. The FAQ will have heaps more links and so on I'm sure.

      I did another tour this Christmas (summer!) and then went to Tasmania
      and camped in the forest. The hammock works well, and the totally
      bug-proof nature was again a great bonus.

      > What is very important is to get a good nights sleep because you are
      > your bike's motor, so comfort is top priority. I have slept in a net
      > hammock which was comfortable but...

      Making sure before you start the trip that you can reliably get a good
      night's sleep in the hammock is important. You'll still need a
      sleeping mat of some sort, and there are a huge number of theories on
      light ways to stay warm. I go the the decent sleeping bag and mat,
      myself, as it means I can ground camp if I need to (the Hennessy can
      be pitched on the ground).

      Big advantages are the fast setup time (note the photo of me putting
      it up so I have somewhere to sit for lunch), compact size (no poles)
      and lightness. I have camped in camping grounds with it with no
      problems, but stealth camping is much better (and somewhat easier with
      a hammock).

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