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8634Hammock for bike camping

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  • Paul V.
    Apr 8, 2005
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      I'm looking for a hammock to use for bike camping. That means that
      weight is important but not as important as when ultralight backpacking.

      What is very important is to get a good nights sleep because you are
      your bike's motor, so comfort is top priority. I have slept in a net
      hammock which was comfortable but could be too cold in the mountains.

      I would hope to get to areas like the plains or the southwest where
      there may be no trees, so I would need some way to rig the sleeping
      system as a bivvy sack to sleep on the ground, if there is nothing to
      hang from. The bivvy sack/tarp could be a different system in
      addition to the hammock if they were light enough to carry both.

      It should be easy to hang and pack down because some nights would be
      free camping along the road somewhere.

      Rain protection, wind protection, bug protection and protection from
      chills are important. I would hope to use the hammock as a lounge
      when taking a day off due to bad weather (wind, rain, snow), laziness,
      illness or injury.

      I guess I am looking for a luxury sleeping system that is easy to pack
      up, relatively lightweight (compared to a tent), and can be "lived in"
      for days at a time. What combination of hammock, sleeping bag, tarp
      and bug protection would you recommend?

      I'm interested in either commercial products or ideas for how to make
      one myself.

      Thanks for any help you can provide!
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