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8630Re: Tarp knot

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  • Dave Womble
    Apr 7, 2005
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "schrochem" <schrochem@g...>
      > For those of you that hang your tarp from the trees, what type of
      > do you use? Also what type of cord and what's a good length?
      > wrong with just using triptease?
      > Thanks
      > Scott

      TripTease works fine, tarp guyline is what it is for. Unlike nylon
      cord, it is very low stretch, which is a good thing. It is
      expensive, Ed Speer sells PulseLine by the foot(?) that costs a
      less but is basically equivalent except it may be a little stronger
      doesn't have the reflective characteristic of TripTease. I've bought
      the PulseLine at a local WestMarine boat supply store for about $25
      so for a 125 foot spool. I've bought TripTease in the past for about
      $15 for a 50 foot length. I don't buy the TripTease anymore, I
      outfitted my last few tarps with the PulseLine. The TripTease and
      PulseLine cords are probably the ultimate ultralight cordage for
      silnylon tarps... very light weight, practically no stretch, plenty
      strong, low bulk and expensive <grin>.

      Bear mentioned he had problems with the TripTease holding a tautline
      hitch. I use it with a tautline hitch where I attach it to my tarps
      ridgeline tieout without problems, but I use 4 wraps instead of the
      standard 2 wraps when I form the tautline hitch to give it more
      power. The main thing to remember about the knots is that some of
      you will want to untie in the morning after they have been under
      tension overnight. I try to finish the knots that I need to untie
      a quick release and use a bowline or Ed Speer's 4 wrap knot finished
      with a couple of half hitches to attach to the trees... the 4 wrap
      allows me to tie it off under tension but it only works with smaller
      diameter trees because it takes more cordage. I use 12.5 foot cords
      for each ridgeline.

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